The art of yearning for God – my fourth Notes & Reflections

In the previous post we have seen that following the Guidance and reflecting and doing Tilawat of Doa Mubaraks of Awliya Kiram sahebs, we adna mumin can also learn to yearn, express our desires and wishes, offer Hamd and Shukr for the blessings received and supplicate to Allah in our own way, which is sure to please our Lord, for Allah accepts that which comes out direct from an adoring and loving heart.

There is a riwayat of Musa Nabi one day coming across an unlettered person, who was calling out loud to his Lord and expressing his longing in a crude language but with deepest of love. Musa Nabi chides this person, saying this is not the way to call out to the Almighty.

Allah calls out to his ‘ kalimullah’ saying do not chide the unlettered ‘abd’ of mine, for his supplication pleases Me greatly.

Supplication is a habit that has to be lovingly and diligently be nurtured. One has to find a private space, and an opportune time, preferably in the night to commune with His Lord. Detachment with people and materialism is a sign that one is now prepared.

Excessive eating is a big deterrent in the path of yearning. One should learn to eat in moderation, out of necessity of overcoming hunger, rather than eating out of greed.

A true A’rif’ will simplify his life, long for the company of awakened souls, will avoid useless talk and banter, and will prolong his ‘sajda’ and will always thirst for Zikr of Allah.

Allah loves the person who does Zikr and for doing Zikr, one does not need wealth, status, knowledge etc: A freeman and a bondsman, a prisoner, in fact everyone, if their desire so, can do the Zikr of Allah, and it is in this that we realise that Allah has given each one of us the opportunity to become ‘farishta shifat’.


I end by expressing my gratitude to Br. Khalil Jaffer, whose erudite lectures, have made me reflect and take notes, and hope I have done justice, at the same time admitting my limitations.



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