The art of Yearning for God – Second Notes & Reflections

An A’rif who truely yearns for Allah, receives strength and ease from Him to carry out also his worldly duties – which is also essential in Islam , an intregal part of Iba’dat.

How is one to distinguish true love for Allah. A terrorist straps himself with a bomb, enters a masjid, blows himself up, shouting ‘Allaho Akbar ‘ thereby destroying precious Muslim lives. He is not yearning for Allah but falling prey to the wiles of Shaitan and his wishperring and false promises of ‘huruleens’. His lust for Heteafter is his undoing and destruction of innocent lives.

In the riwayat of Musa Nabi when he nears the glowing bush, a Voice calls out to him ‘ fakhla nalaiyek’ remove your sandals, the esoteric meaning – when you approach the Blessed Ground, remove all attachments of both this world, and seeking of reward in A’kherat, and immerse your being in yearning for Allah. Come to Me pure and clean, free of attachments. If the condition is so, Allah says if you take one step forward, I will take ten steps towards you.

An A’rif is doubly blessed and more honoured if he lives amongsts his community, and by setting a good example tries to win over others to his way of living and thinking.

Crying is an expression of love, and one who yearns for Allah does constant zikr and tasbih.

Love speaks the language of its own and it cannot be understood by rationalising. The outward actions of an A’rif at times seem far fetched and perplexing, but these actions cannot be understood by applying the mind. It is out and out a ‘heart thing’.

The origin and source of any true realisation is through the heart and not through the mind. The mind is an effective and useful tool, that allows us to analyse, deduce and draw conclusion. It has an important place in our DEEN but it also has its limitation, in the context of God Realisation. The heart is the source of love and compassion.

There are many Ayats in Quran where understanding and Aql are associated with the heart.

Surah Al A’raf 7 : 179 ‘ lahum kulubun la yafkohuna beha….
They have hearts wherewith they understand not.

Surah Haj 22: 46. lahum kulubun ya keluna (Aql) beha….
have they hearts wherewith to understand.

Al qalb haramullah – Heart is the sanctuary of Allah. Heart is the vehicle that will take you on the path of yearning and God Realisation.

The prerequisite for attaining such lofty status is that all materialism should be removed and softening of the heart.

To be continued…..


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