What will it take to become a Butterfly ?
A willingness to come out of your animal skin, a willingness to attach to Allah so badly, that we are willing to let fall all the worldly attachments.

Mere talking and discussions on Spirituality will not make any change. We have to place our beliefs into action. The cocoon has to crack open.

What is the difference between between an atheist who does more charity than you.
The difference between you and him will become real and apparent, if both of you are afflicted with suffering and loss.

Under the same life situation, you as an ardent believer will be more composed and reassured, that what ever has befallen is destined, and you will find a meaning and purpose, and evolve for the better. On the other had the atheist will become restless and utterly confused.

Sufferings will bring about the difference in the open. A heart attack or life threatening situation suffered by a TABIAH oriented individual and one with FITRAH will have different reaction. One with TABIAH will be overcome with fear, his rational thinking will take a back seat, and he will feel utterly helpless and go into depression.

On the other hand a FITRAH oriented individual will have a momentary set back, but he will come around, as he has full faith, that was is destined will transpire and life and death are in the hands of Allah . This heart attack or any life threatening situation for him, will be reminder, a wake up call to live a better quality life.

It should be remembered that by doing good deeds, reaching out to the needy, you are transferring your assets to the Hereafter. Any good deeds done in this life, which is
a temporary abode, gets transferred in the Hereafter, which is a permanent abode.

Suffering is like a stick that steers our essence, reveals our true colour. It is in our FITRAH that we need a Guide, who shows us the true path.

When Truth comes, falsehood will vanish. Likewise, as soon as TABIAH falls, FITRAH is there, it does not have to be searched.

DEATH : TABIAH fears death because of fear of pain and loosing worldly comforts, fear of the unknown.

FITRAH also fears death, but it’s fear is as a result of dying unprepared. FITRAH fears dying before it’s wings are fully developed. It is sure of the Hereafter, and thus wants to be fully prepared and ready before death finally approaches. FITRAH is always interested in that which everlasting.

The path of Sprituality has many stations, tests and trials. One should be very patient if he desires to take this path. The transition phase from TABIAH to FITRAH has many challenges, but if one if observant in reflective, he can well comprehend the subtle changes taking place in his life.

Detachment with materialism is the first sign, however, there is disillusionment at the same time, in this early stage as we do not feel the sweetness of FITRAH. We feel constricted and rightly so, it should be understood that ALLAH is both AL BASIT – The Expander as well as AL QABIZ – The Constrictor. So at this stage armed with this knowledge, it would be easy to pursue on the right path, reposing full faith in Allah, that when time comes, the wings will open majestically.

If you find it unbearable, you can go back to your previous comfort zone, but the evolving FITRAH will make you restless and you will not find joy and comfort in your TABIAH lifestyle. This us a face of transition. As an egg boils, cracks appear – likewise your ego develops cracks, the old ‘ I’ is having a slow but sure death and a new ‘ I ‘ will emerge.

Transition phase is like boiling water at 100 degrees, it stays constant, you will find no major outward changes, but you will observe steam rising high. In this period we should supplicate more and more, implore Allah, seek His Love and Light. The awakening will surely come.

When we die with the rein of FITRAH controlling our TABIAH we are like a ship that has weathered the storm and entered the harbour.

Alhamdolillah ! Here I conclude my reflections and notes on ‘ Freeing the Butterfly Within’

Chelum is a few days away. My thoughts return to the kafla of Imam Husain, who during these days is returning from Sham to Karbala. The Shaadat of Imam Husain and the martyrdom of A’hle bait and Ashaabe Husain on the burning sands of Karbala on Ashura has rattled Falsehood to the core, and the Khutba of Moulatena Zainab in the Darbar of Yazeed completely vanquished it till day of Kayamat.


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