FITRAH impregnates sacredness into TABIAH acts. In Sehrullah because of the azeem hurmat of the month,every act of TABIAH like sleep and breathing becomes an Iba’dat because of the noor of FITRAH.

Your munching of food is a TABIAH act no different from the cow you see from your window munching grass in the field. Apparently there is no difference, but once you become aware of your act, offering Shukr to Allah and partaking food by saying Bismillah, it becomes a FITRAH act.

Your Namaz remains a TABIAH act if your niyat is to appear pious amongst your fellow men, to gain recognition or reward. It becomes FITRAH if your niyat is to seek nearness and mercy of Allah.

We are creatures of habit and we are easily prone to addiction and attachment. Our attaching to habit is not a flaw, like TABIAH per se is not bad, but we wrongly attach to harmful things, that shackles us, and prevents us from achieving our real potential.

As I write these notes and reflect, today being 27th Muharram I fondly remember Sayedi Fakhruddin Saheed ( Babji Moula) on whose door steps the miracles of shackles (beri) melting and breaking asunder is witnessed again and again.

Taking his vasila I pray that the TABIAH shackles that constrain my thoughts and actions, that bind me down and prevent me from reaching my real potential are for ever broken. Like the beutiful wings of the butterfly, my taffakur and tassavurats help to soar and sip the nectar of Ilm.

In Surah 7 Ayat 157 Allah expounds clearly why Rasulallah ( SA ) the final Messenger has been sent. He enjoins them to do good and forbid from evil.
‘ he commends them for Al – Ma’rif and forbids them from Al – Munkar, he allows them as lawful At- Tayyaibat and prohibits Al Khaba’ith, he releases them from their heavy burdens and from the fetters…’

Would recommend readers to watch a 3 min video depicting our human condition and why we need a saviour, a guide a Moula to unshackle us so that we may see the true Reality.

It was Pluto who understood the condition of humanity. ‘ The Allegory of Cave’ depicts cave dwellers, shackled in chain who are unable to look around but stare only at the front wall of the cave. For them the reality is only the reflection they see each passing day, until some one comes, unshackled them, drags them out of the cave, and finally they realise that Reality is not the reflections they were seeing all these past years.

TABIAH is not evil in itself. It’s primary function is to protect and save the body from harm. Money is an excellent servant, but a bad master. Likewise TABIAH if properly reined will serve FITRAH. Desire is not evil, but what you desire is important.

Desire of knowledge, to understand the creation of Allah and thus doing ma’refat of Allah, seeking something higher and better are noble acts. If your desire is rooted in seeking Allah, you will not feel depressed even if your seeking of worldly desires, at times do not materialise.

TABIAH is horizontal progression, it is quantitative and impatient, whereas FITRAH is vertical, qualitative and patient. It is surrendering to the Will of Allah.

FITRAH seeks the wisdom behind your suffering, it does not ask and complain – why we are suffering. Now suffering need not always be big tragedies. Suffering can also be small frustrations of not getting your worldly desires – say a chance to live in a Bungalow or getting to drive a Hummer.

In order to understand TABIAH just suppose you have entered Jaanat and given two choice. Choice one to talk with Allah one to One. Second choice everlasting life with Huruleen. Now, be very honest and make a choice. This will make you understand what TABIAH really is.

Surah 57:22 ‘ no calamity befalls on earth or in yourself, but it is inscribed in Al Lauh Al Mahfuz.

So one who is FITRAH oriented takes tragedies and tribulations, as a learning and evolving experiences, and accepts ‘what is’ with full faith in Allah and complete surrender to HIM. Now here I would once again like to emphasise that tragedies need not be earth shattering, but small set backs in life or unfulfilled worldly desires and aspirations.

It is inherent nature of TABIAH to rest at the first place of comfort. It is averse to struggle and experience pain. When we were children and knew how to crawl, we did not want to walk, for every time we tried, we fell and suffered pain. We did not want to come out of our comfort zone. TABIAH does not have foresight. Now just imagine if, we did not learn to walk we will be crawling all our life.

A FITRAH oriented person will create a space within himself by disassociating the real ‘I’ from the body. Now this understanding is very very important. Asgar is not the real ‘ I ‘ the real ‘I’ is the naffs of Asgar entrapped in the body vehicle, which is experiencing life. Now if he has acquired true Ilm he is comprehending the inner struggle like the caterpillar in chrysalis, trying to emerge into a butterfly.

His naffs alternates between ammara and lawwama, but his true ‘ I ‘ is at peace with itself, knowing that the VALAYAT of Awliya Kirams, Aqa Moula and the matam and shedding of tears for mazloom Husain and A’hle bait and the good deeds done lillah fillah, will unshackle his fetters, his life long struggles and his naffs will emerge as Naffs ul Mutmainna- at peace like the Butterfly one day for sure.

One should understand, specially those who are rooted to worldly things, having materialistic mindsets. When death comes, what have you gained. Death is inevitable, even one who does not believe in God does not deny death. What have you gained is the question you should repeatedly ask.

I end this post by quoting from the Dua of Arafat Of Imam Hussain ( SA)

” My Lord what did he loose, who found YOU
And what did he find who loosed YOU ”

Please reflect and surely you will find the Butterfly wings emerging.



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