The charestristics of TABIAH and FITRAH.

They are distinct from each other, however, like the two sides of the coin, are inseparable, and complimentary to each other. TABIAH does not comprehend things like justice,fairness,honesty,compassion,equality. These noble qualities are best understood by FITRAH. It is hard wired in human beings.

TABIAH is unable to distinguish between halal and haram. It’ s primary concern is to survive, seek pleasures and avoid pain. TABIAH is like a horse – a mount whose rider is FITRAH.

TABIAH disappears at death, that is merges with the elements, from where it came.

TABIAH understands the needs of the body and it’s survival, and for this it is selfish. However, Tabiha is not evil in itself, but is evil in excess. It needs reining in, it needs control, and that is what Islam teaches.

Islam does not advocate celebecy, for it understands that in order for FITRAH to evolve and become a butterfly, the chrysalis is needed. In order to evolve, FITRAH needs maturity. A child in early stages 5- 7 years is fully TABIAH oriented, it is selfish. An infant when hungry will wail, and demand feed, no matter what time it is, or how tired and worn out or sick, the mother is.

The young body is maturing, the young pony demands all what the body needs, to develop in later years into a galloping horse, on which FITRAH will ride and seek direction and purpose of life, and the ultimate goal.

For FITRAH to evolve, it depends upon individuals upbringing and many a times on life situations and life crisis. In case of butterflies to emerge from cocoon, the process of chrysalis takes a week, a few weeks to months, and in some cases a year.

Likewise in humans also the metamorphosis greatly varies and depends upon upbringing or life crisis. In some cases, it is very instant. In the riwayat of Musa Nabi is the best example of how in an instant the magicians of the court of Firaun, metamorphosed into believing Muslims. ( Surah 26: Ayaat 41 to 44) FITRAH is fear less, even when Firaun threatens to throw them in prison and crucify them, they stand firm, for they have tasted the honey of Tawheed, and the fear if Firaun which had shackled them all these years, has gone in an instant. A life crisis, a miracle or fortunate coming into contact with an enlightened soul ( our Aqa Moula) makes the FITRAH soar high.

Hur on the day of Ashura is another example of an instant metamorphosis, of overcoming the ego, and setting out free and soaring high into the heavens in a matter of single day.

Once the ground is prepared, and in some cases a calamity, a crisis, an accident, loss of loved one becomes a turning point in life. The ego lays shattered and Reality is seen.

A child should be nurtured in the flower pot TABIAH but when it reaches bulugiat ( Misaq) it is time to break the flower pot, and plant the growing sapling firmly in the fertile ground of FITRAH. How we limit our potential, when we refuse to break the flower pot.

By seeking fame, prestige and rewards from others than Allah, reduces our potential.


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