Freeing the Butterfly Within – Muharram Lectures – my notes and reflections.

Alhamdolillah. We all have been blessed with the sharaf of vaaz, the fortunate in the presence of Aqa Moula (TUS) at Houston.

As the kafla of Husain journeys along bearing insurmountable pain and suffering I have been hearing Muharram Lectures of Br. Khaleel Jafer.

Sharing my first note and reflections on the topic of ” Freeing the Butterfly Within”

Hope to share a few more Notes till Chelum InsaAllah thereby keeping alive the memory of the tragedy of Karbala and the suffering of the kafla of Imam Husain during these days.

If you find it worth while, please do share. Comments will be appreciated.

Human beings have two distinct natures. It is important to recognize these two inherent natures for our spiritual development.

TABIAH – all humans and animals at birth have this intrinsic instinct, and it is so very important for the development and protection of the body, specially for humans in the earlier stages of their development.

TABIAH has three basic charestristics : It will always try to survive
It will always seek pleasure
It will always try to avoid pain

TABIAH is essential for our survival, but at the same time it is very limiting for our evolution as human beings.

ALLAH has blessed us and wired us with a divine nature – and this is FITRAH which is selfless and is identified with our soul, and this divine nature in we humans, stays even after death.

TABIAH – the animal instinct is the same. Animals forage the jungle for food, the basic need. We humans in this case are no different. We also forage for food wearing a tie and suit, and participating in Board Room discussions. The inherent need is the same – survival.

Our FITRAH is like a compass that points to only one direction – towards Allah and his Creation.

Now suppose the captain of the ship is TABIAH driven, he ignores the direction of the compass and turns around his ship in another direction, he can do it because he is human and Allah has given him the Ikhteyar – Choice , but all the same, the compass will always point towards Allah and His Creation.

Sayedi Sadik Ali saheb so rightly says in his Nashihat
‘ khilqat Khuda ni goya Khuda no Kitab chhe
A’qil ne ye ghate ke muta’lo kara kare’

This is what FITRAH is all about. To contemplate on Allah and his creation and derive life lessons, and in so doing evolve spiritually. To reflect on the teachings and riwayaats of Awliyah kiram and draw life lessons, to emulate them and try to become farishta shifat. Becoming focused on FITRAH will help you greatly in that direction.

Sayedi Sadikali saheb again friends :
‘ sirat yeh parsao ni hiqmat no ba’b chhe
sunvoo ane soonavoo yeh haqiqi Kitab chhe’

Just suppose in this twelve nights of Muharram we are aliens. We are Avatar like in the famous film, we have taken this body to survive in this alien world, but we have come to this world with a purpose. Avatara in Sanskrit means decent from higher being into this world. So true, we were in A’lam ul Ibda, but on account if grave khata, we found ourselves in this lower world. However, our TABIAH nature which was very essential for our growth and survival, found precedence.

Like caterpillars who for days on end gorge on leaves, and keep fattening, we completely identified ourselves with worldly pleasures and greed of materialistic acquisition and one up man ship over others. Our FITRAH nature languished in one dark corner. We forgot that we have been sent to free ourselves from this cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly and to soar higher and pluck nectar from the best of flowers.

Muharram is one such month which brings its own miracles. It makes us reflect, the tragic events of Karbala, the sufferings of Imam Hussain and a’hle bait tugs our soul and awaken our FITRAH. The Safar of Imam Husain was precisely to awaken human consciousness, the Amal bin Maroof is to rein our TABIAH and give it direction and purpose to serve our FITRAH, which is like an aware rider, fully focused on the goal and purpose of existence.
The tragic events of Karbala, poignant and vivid as ever, has survived more than 1400 years and will survive till day of Kayamaat not through learned discussions and discourses or philosophy.

It has survived because of the tears shed by Imam Husain on the death of his loved ones on the burning sands of Karbala, the tears that gushed like torrents on the zulm and sitam perpetuated by Yazeed and his TABIAH driven henchmen on Imam Ali Zainul Abedeen, chained and shackled, and the haram of Hussain, Moulatena Zainab and others paraded through the streets of Kufa and Damascus, and made to stand before Yazeed.

It has survived because of the tears shed by the followers of A’hle Bait all these years. Muharram is the time for spiritual metamorphosis. An awakening, to die before death and to visualise the bliss of FITRAH induced Spirituality that brings us nearness to Allah.


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